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Hand Reflexology

Our hands are busy extensions of our active lives- reaching, pulling, praying, caressing and working and, also holding stress and strain from each day. Reflexing the hands is especially nurturing. And it also relaxes the rest of the body and releases more stress by clearing blockages in the places that correspond to the entire body.

Foot Reflexology

Feet connect us to the earth, carry our weight and take us places. There are 7,200 nerve endings in each foot with extensive interconnections to transmit vital information through the spinal cord, to the brain and to all areas of the body. Reflexing the feet frees any congestion around the synapses so that all of the body systems can communicate and work optimally for wellness.

Ear Reflexology

Our ears not only listen, they are a conduit for communication and healing. Ears speak to a reflexologist who knows the unique reflexology maps of the human body and how they mirror one’s health. Reflexing the 5 Master Points, Functioning and other reflex points on the ears is deeply relaxing and promotes homeostasis.

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