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I love my reflexology sessions with Christine! She is an intuitive healer. At the end of every session, I feel restored, rejuvenated and peaceful—similar to how I feel after an hour of yoga practice but without any effort on my part. Treat yourself to a session!


Ginger Canfield


Christine is such a talented reflexologist. I had a session with her and immediately booked a second one! Her demeanor along with her professional training is very evident right from the start. She has a really special touch and a healing way about her. I highly recommend you go to Christine! You will be glad you did.


Jan Johnsen


Recently I took three sessions of Christine's reflexology.
Every time I felt as if I were in the heaven.
I play tennis intensively and have issues here and there. So far I won every match I played after I had her session.
It was so relaxing and good to regain my concentration and strength.

Shinichi Arai

Reflexology and the Symptoms of PTSD and Cancer
Here's a wonderful testimony submitted by a client of RAA* Professional member Susan Mix (CA)
“I am a USAF and ANG veteran, having served a majority of my time during the Vietnam War. It was a very stressful time for all. Like most vets, I carry many of the memories, both the good and the upsetting, to this day. Afterward, I became a flight attendant for a major US airline and have been winging my way across the world for over 40 years. During my career, I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time in Asia, and there was introduced to the benefits of reflexology.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with a somewhat rare form of cancer. Along with the stress of cancer came fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression, stress, pain, nausea, and migraines. A good friend suggested I try reflexology. I did.

My reflexologist was able to relieve some of my stress and promoted a feeling of deep relaxation that I had not felt in years. During the time I was attending reflexology sessions, the quality of my sleep improved and my headaches and migraines seemed to respond in a positive way. I still suffered with them but with less intensity and shorter duration. I found my anxiety reduced which helped with PTSD and depression. I still take medication for the migraines and depression, and reflexology complements those treatments.

My reflexologist taught me certain areas of my feet and hands that correspond to different areas of my body. She showed how to massage and apply pressure to the areas to relax, relieve pain and release energy within.

My wish is for all veterans to have the opportunity to have reflexology available to them to complement other treatments. I have found great relief with the benefits of reflexology.”

Connie Hubley, Chair
RAA Public Relations Committee 

*Reflexology of Association of America

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