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Heal Yourself & Others with Reflexology 

Learn techniques to prompt deep relaxation, reduce stress, pain, inflammation, improve circulation & improve wellness through gentle touch on mapped reflexology points on the Feet, Hands and Ears

Sunday, January 13th ~ 4-6pm

Universal Healing Arts Connection ~ $30

4 Crestview Ave. Cortlandt Manor, NY

Reservations: 914.737. HEAL

Saturday, January 19th ~ 2-4pm

Beacon of Light Wellness Center ~ $25

4 South Chestnut St, Beacon NY

Reservations: Alison 914.406.3767

4 Part Self Help Reflexology Thursday Workshop
January 3,   6:30pm   Head/Neck/Shoulder Regions
January 10, 6:30pm   Chest/Upper Abdominal Regions
January 17, 6:30pm   Mid-Low Abdominals/Pelvis Regions
January 24, 6:30pm   Arms, Legs and Prioritizing for Results

Soulauras Wellness Center

510 North State Rd. Briarcliff Manor, NY 

Reservations: Laura 914.941.2400

Exchange: Series 4 Pack $120, Seniors $100, Drop in session $45

All are welcome to attend workshops. No experience is required. Dress comfortably with no jewelry if possible. Only socks and shoes are removed.


What to Expect:

A reflexology session can run between 30 -90 minutes, but are typically 50-60 minutes on the table. Questions will be asked on a private Intake form about one's medical and emotional history and current state of health. On the form, any surgeries, illnesses or diseases previously diagnosed, primary medications or herbs used, or health concerns, are all helpful information that directs the approach taken in the session and what reflexology points are prioritized.

The session takes place in a serene space while the client is lying on a massage-like table, seated in a Zero-Gravity Chair or personal recliner. Only shoes, socks and certain jewelry need to be removed. For foot and hand reflexology, the area is first relaxed through flexing, rotating, kneading and special techniques. The session continues using a unique alternating touch of the fingers, usually starting at the tips of the toes or fingers and working across and down to the heel, on the top of the foot or hand and around the ankle and wrist. Minor tingling sensations or sometimes sharp pangs may be felt at certain points or nothing at all consciously noticed. The reflexing finger pressure is adjusted according to the client's comfort and health status. A reflexology session is a wonderful healing experience and its benefits carry forward.

60 Minute Foot Session

Following a soothing warm up of the foot, every reflex zone and point will be worked on systematically on each foot, while individual health issues are targeted to achieve the best healing results.

60 Minute Integrated 

In this session, Feet, Hands and Ears will all be reflexed to thoroughly release blockages throughout the body. As with each session, the health needs of the client will direct the progression and focus of the session.

30 Minute Ear Session

On the outer Ears are powerful points that help one relax deeply, release stress and achieve a greater holistic balance. With the information from the client intake form, throughout the session specific points will be stroked and held, a feeling unique and wonderful.

30 Minute Integrated 

This individualized session will include reflexing feet, hands and ears, targeting each area to suit the client’s health condition and any acute issues, past or current. A short session can be very effective with prioritization of reflexing specific zones and points.

90 Minute Session

A 90-minute session truly allows the body time for thorough self-healing and the deepest relaxation. This includes 60 minutes of Foot reflexology and 30 minutes on the Ears or 30 minutes Integrated session with Hands and Ears with health priorities in mind.

Group Event Session

Individualized 30-60 minute private Reflexology sessions may be given on location at special occasion gatherings: birthdays, bridal or baby showers, anniversaries or reunions. Each session will be tailored to the guest and priced according to location and number.

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